The object climlab.solar.orbital.OrbitalTable is an xarray.Dataset holding orbital data (eccentricity, obliquity, and longitude of perihelion) for the past 5 Myears. The data are from [].

Data are read from the file orbit91, which was originally obtained from <https://www1.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/data/paleo/climate_forcing/orbital_variations/insolation/> If the file isn’t found locally, the module will attempt to read it remotely from the above URL.

A subclass climlab.solar.orbital.long.OrbitalTable works with La2004 orbital data for -51 to +21 Myears as calculated by []. See <http://vo.imcce.fr/insola/earth/online/earth/La2004/README.TXT>

(Breaking change from climlab 0.7.0 and previous)


Load orbital data from the past 5 Myears:

# Load the data
from climlab.solar.orbital import OrbitalTable

# Examine the xarray object

# Get a timeseries of obliquity

# Get the orbital data for a specific year, 10 kyear before present:

# Get the long orbital table data
from climlab.solar.orbital.long import OrbitalTable as LongTable