Modules for simple dynamics, mostly for use in Energy Balance Models.

BudykoTransport is a relaxation to global mean.

Other modules are 1D advection-diffusion solvers (implemented using implicit timestepping).

AdvectionDiffusion is a general-purpose 1D advection-diffusion process. It can be used out-of-the-box for models with Cartesian grid geometry, but also accepts weighting functions for the divergence operator on curvilinear grids.

MeridionalAdvectionDiffusion implements the 1D advection-diffusion process on the sphere (flux in the north-south direction).

Subclass MeridionalHeatDiffusion is the appropriate class for the traditional diffusive EBM, in which transport is parameterized as a meridional diffusion process down the zonal-mean surface temperature gradient.

MeridionalMoistDiffusion implements the moist EBM, with transport down an approximate gradient in near-surface moist static energy.