climlab wrapper for RRTMG radiation schemes.

This is implemented with classes RRTMG_LW, and RRTMG_SW, as well as a container class RRTMG that has LW and SW radiation as subprocesses.

Input arguments and diagnostics follow specifications in _Radiation

See <http://rtweb.aer.com/rrtm_frame.html> for more information about the RRTMG code.


Here is a quick example of setting up a single-column Radiative-Convective model with fixed relative humidity:

import climlab
alb = 0.25
#  State variables (Air and surface temperature)
state = climlab.column_state(num_lev=30)
#  Fixed relative humidity
h2o = climlab.radiation.ManabeWaterVapor(name='WaterVapor', state=state)
#  Couple water vapor to radiation
rad = climlab.radiation.RRTMG(name='Radiation', state=state, specific_humidity=h2o.q, albedo=alb)
#  Convective adjustment
conv = climlab.convection.ConvectiveAdjustment(name='Convection', state=state, adj_lapse_rate=6.5)
#  Couple everything together
rcm = climlab.couple([rad,h2o,conv], name='Radiative-Convective Model')
#  Run the model
#  Check for energy balance
print(rcm.ASR - rcm.OLR)